Dimple-t indirect heat exchange

About Dimple-T

Free flowing solids cooler

The Dimple-t solids cooler operates by combining mass flow of free flowing solids through vertical flow channels that are formed by a stack of vertical installed dimple heat exchanger plates ( called a Dimple platebank) that are installed in a square stainless steel casing. The cooling water flows inside the fully welded absolutely leakage free dimple plates.

Instead of large quantities of expensive conditioned cooling air in contact with the solids the cooler uses smooth water-cooled stainless steel plates in direct contact with the solids. In operation the solids descends slowly by gravity through the flow channels. Sufficient residence time is created to allow the cooler to achieve the required cooling of the solids.

Mass flow ensures that the solids are drawn evenly through the flow channels and that the temperature distribution is uniform.
Below the platebank is a mass flow device (mass flow cone or to reduce height a vibratory discharge). The discharged amount is based on the amount of product entering the cooler at the top. The cooler operates always full of material. Because of the mass flow design, the solids pass through on a first in first out basis.

The slow material movement ensures there is virtually no product degradation.
By measuring the exit temperature and installing a cooling water control loop a constant product temperature can be achieved even with fluctuating flow-rates.

Unlike rotating drums, fluid beds and other solids cooling methods the Dimple-t cooler has only 2 vibrating motors and no further moving parts. No fans, no air treatment, extremely low maintenance, a small floor space due to its vertical set-up and a large heat transfer surface per m3 plant volume.
Due to its all welded slot manifold design it has no couplings and hoses and does not require any sealing of connection openings through the casing. As a result all possible leakage points (water and product side) are eliminated. This clean operating Dimple-t solids cooler results in a better product quality and a better and saver operator environment.


  • All welded slot manifold design
    Not sensible to expansion of the casing
  • Extremely low water side pressure drops
    Higher water flowrates are possible (but not necessary)
  • Can easily be installed after existing dryers
  • SS316L ( 1.4404 ) Dimple Plates are standard
  • Modular design allows easy scale-up to any size cooler
  • Easy to inspect with access from top
  • CIP cleaning option optional

An overview of various products that can be cooled by Dimple-t Solids Coolers

  • Sugar
  • Fertlilizer
  • Detergents
  • Polymers
  • Chemicals
  • Vitamins
  • Sludge