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The Dimple plate heat exchanger represents a special panel heat exchanger form: its panels are fully welded together.

The spot-welded panel elements – the dimple-plates – undergo pneumatically or hydraulically a cold forming shaping process. The resulting elliptical flow ducts, so called dimples, increase the turbulence of the flow due to their pillow-shaped course and thus leading to excellent heat transfer conditions.

Dimple-plates are self-supporting and do not transfer any forces outwards onto the next plate, which would otherwise have to be absorbed by housing pressure plates.


Dimple Plates are welded into a Platebank using the unique Slot Manifold design which is installed at the top of the platebank.

Dimple plate heat exchanger are characterised by low susceptibility to fouling due to an optimised product flow with a minimum of dead zones. The Dimple plate heat exchanger is a highly compact heat exchanger with a very high heating surface density when comparing to tube bundles for example.

The fully welded Dimple plate heat exchangers can be supplied in almost all weld- and cold formable high-quality steels, i.e. ranging from 304SS to Monel to Hasteloy to Titanium.


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