Dimple-t indirect heat exchange

About Dimple-T

Advantages of Dimple-t technology

Advantages Dimple-t Solids Coolers

  •     Product holdup area's are minimized
  •     Eliminated openings in casing for tubes
  •     Low pressure drop due to slot manifold
  •     Lower investments
  •     Low structural cost
  •     Reduced operating cost

and specifically for all water cooled solids coolers:

  • no cooling air (environmental friendly) so no fans required
  • no cooling air so no dehumidication of air required
  • no air filtration required

General characteristics

For the whole Dimple-T product line following characteristics alow for durability, increased production and reduced maintenance costs:

  • All welded design
  • Less platespacers. Minimized product hold up points
  • No hoses and no couplings eliminates water leakage
  • No openings in casing for connections
  • Smoother surface inside
  • No gaskets
  • Higher operating pressure possible
  • Lower water side pressure drop
  • More m2 heat transfer surface per m3 than tube heat exchanger and platebanks using tube/hose connections
  • Smaller plate spacing is possible than platebanks using tube/hose connections
  • Complete heat exchanger can be pickled
  • Modular design
  • Available in many (corrosion resistant) materials


Slot Manifold


Cooled side walls


more surface per m3


The plate spacing can be choosen on any distance.
So even as small as 5 mm is possible for extremely free flowing materials.