Dimple-t indirect heat exchange

About Dimple-T

Dimple-T cools cleaner

Dimple-t has adopted a new technology for the manifolding of the plates. It uses the slot manifold. This slot manifold has many advantages.

Lower water side pressure drop

The slots are creating a wide opening for the cooling water to flow into the heat exchanger plate. This results in a lower water side pressure drop.

Better plate support

Another feature is that this construction eliminates the need for plate supports since the platebank is "hanging in the casing". This makes that the platebank is not sensitive to expansion of the casing.

The competition is still using flexible hoses to overcome this expansion problem but this solution is creating other unwanted problems. Such as supports below the platebank. An enormous amount of openings in the casing (2 per heat exchanger plate!!) are required and these require proper sealing. Many full width plate spacers are required to keep the plates channels on the correct distance. Without these plate spacers the flow channels would be unequal and could result in immediate blockage. All of these unwanted details are area's where product can stay behind. Even doors are usually only required because of the frequently required cleaning.

The good news is: all of these items are not required with the Dimple-t Solids Cooler because we have made some elimentary design changes.

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