Dimple-T indirect heat exchange

About Dimple-T

Dimple-T indirect heat exchange

Clean and economical cooling of free flowing solids

Dimple-t is specialised in applications of the stainless steel inflated pillow shaped plate heat exchanger technology (the so called Dimple-Plate).

Dimple-t solids cooler

Our technology is to use the Dimple Plates build into a Platebank and use the space between the plates as a vertical flow channel for free flowing bulk solids.

The special slot manifold construction eliminates hose connections, holes though the casing (2 per heat exchanger plate!), plate supports and numerous plate spacers thus eliminating all possible product hold up area's.


Due to the cleaner operation doors are not necessary but are still as an option available.

Equal flow over the whole cross section is required and can be achieved by combining the Dimple-t Platebank with a mass flow device.

Creating mass flow of free flowing solids ( s.a. granules, prills, pellets, crystals and powders ) is done by a mass flow cone or with a vibratory solids discharge technology.

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Services & Products

We design our coolers to customer thermal data and specification.

It is our goal to supply coolers with as few as possible ledges where product can stay behind. This will result in coolers with the longest operating time.


Dimple-t news

Dimple-T cools cleaner

Dimple-t has adopted a new technology for the manifolding of the plates. It uses the slot manifold. This slot manifold has many advantages.


Dimple-t introduces cooled side walls

Product temperature differences can cause quality and or storage problems.

A worldwide novelty are the cooled sidewalls. The casing of Dimple-t solids coolers can be made of single embossed Dimple-Plates. This results in proper cooling of the outer flowchannels as well.


Vibratory Feeder

Cooperation with Schenck AccuRate®

Dimple-T is working closely with the leaders and innovative pioneers in bulk solids metering technology

For more than 40 years, AccuRate® has been leading the industry in manufacturing and supplying superior volumetric and gravimetric feeding systems, multi-ingredient batching systems, weighfeeders, flow meters, bulk bag discharging systems, and vibratory feeders to a wide variety of markets throughout the world.

Having invented and continuing to advance award-winning bulk solids handling products and systems that have a proven track record for accuracy, reliability, price efficiency, and quality.