Dimple-t indirect heat exchange

About Dimple-T

About Dimple-t

Dimple-t is the trade name of Boeyink Ing. -Buro BV.

We are specialised in inflated type plate heat exchanger technology, the so called Dimple-Plate heat exchanger. Practical experience and theoretical experience has been gathered by working 20 years with inflated plate type heat exchangers and 10 years with solids cooling applications.

Our device is that when engineering an apparatus the goal always should be:

  • to reduce as many as possible waterside leakage points
  • to design a piece of equipment that is operating with as few as possible area's where product can stay behind.

Dimple-t developed a special type of manifolding for the platebanks. By using this technology it has created the best possible solution for a clean working solids cooler. The connections are all at the top out of the product stream. Practically all area's where product can stay behind in the design of the competition are eliminated.

Comparing the competition and the Dimple-t design shows the differences at a glance:


  • heat exchanger plate to pipe connection weld
  • hole in casing
  • pipe connection sticks through casing
  • a ring is required to seal of the hole in the casing
  • a spring is required to press the ring on the casing
  • the pipe connection is screwed onto a flexible hose
  • flexible hose
  • a connector is screwed onto the flexible hose
  • the connector is welded to the manifold

Dimple-t design:

  • plate - slot manifold weld

Unnecessary to say that this simple and clean Dimple-t slot manifold design is an improvement.
It eliminates practically all area's where water leakage can occur and where product can stay behind.

Cooperations Heat Exchange

Dimple-t does not have its own manufacturing and engineering facilities. In stead it cooperates with some well known and very experienced engineering and manufacturing companies in the field of solids handling and heat exchange.

Mass Flow Solids Discharge

Dimple-t is cooperating with companies that are supplying state of the art technology in mass flow silo discharge devices.
The vibratory feeder for various free flowing solids, powders, granules, pellets and prills is used most frequently in area's where height is a problem. In other cases a mass flow cone can be used.

From Mueller to Dimple-t

Mr. Gé Boeyink joined in 1982 Mueller Europe, now SSP Lichtenvoorde. Untill 1988 this used to be the European division of the Paul Mueller Company. The Paul Mueller Company invented the resistance welded and inflated plate technology in 1969. The task of Mr. Boeyink was to find new applications for this, in those days, newly and very unknown type of heat exchanger.

In 1990 Mr. Boeyink started with Boeyink Ing.-Buro. This company initiated and worked with many industrial niche market applications of the dimple plate technology.

In 1995 Boeyink Ing.-Buro BV started with the introduction of the Solids Cooler in Europe. This heat exchanger is based on the inflated Dimple-Plate technology. Mr. Boeyink was responsible for the unique growth of the european market. He also introduced the technology to sugar factories worldwide and presented the technology at the Andrew van Hook conference in Reims in March 2001 and at the SIT conference held in Delray Beach USA in May 2002.

Dimple-t Solids Coolers are made of Dimple-Platebanks and are used in the indirect heating/cooling of solids such as granules, prills, crystals, pellets and powders. Products such as sugar, fertilizer, plastics, detergent base powders, sludge, chemicals etc. are handled in this unique heat exchanger.